The sole purpose of this site is to provide fans the information and policies needed to have fun, safe and memorable experiences on campus.

Please keep in mind that the policies set forth for gameday are for the safety of fans and visitors. While MSU does not wish to hinder or inconvenience anyone on gameday, these policies are in place for the best interests of everyone involved on campus, including fans, visitors, employees and students.


  • RT @HailStateBB Long lines at home plate ticket window. NO line at the 1B ticket window between DNF and The Hump. Be smart, get in faster. Go to 1B window - 5 days ago
  • Scheduled to run until 9 p.m.“@BhamBully: @HailStateOps how long will research shuttle run? Thanks!” - 5 days ago
  • Zach. Village Lot is full and has been closed. - 5 days ago
  • If able, please walk from DWS to DNF rather than drive. You will save yourself road rage and about 20 minutes! Lots around DNF are full. - 5 days ago
  • @DegaDude sending someone over to check now. - 5 days ago



  • Fair
  • 57.0°F (14.0°C)
  • Humidity 77%
  • Wind Northwest at 3.5 MPH (3 KT)

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Phone: 662.325.9114

Email: gameday@msstate.edu

Location: Davis Wade Stadium Ticket Office Seal M-Club Bldg, opens 3 hours before kickoff

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